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I’m working as a dance artist, creator of choreography and visual stenography for performances. I studied art pedagogy, contemporary art, stage design in the visual art world and in the dance scene.

I dance and teach contact improvisation, tango, contemporary dance, and have also studied somatic techniques and ideokinesis for the last 7 years.

I guess my expectation is to show art and dance as a passion and addiction that many people in contact improvisation have found in themselves. I’m happy that it can grow in every cell and through the full nervous system, making me and many others much happier and leading to a more joyful life. I feel it’s my daily practice and research on how I can be better at something I love with all my heart, for which I give my life and share.

Contact - Tango

For the festival I’ll do contact tango class because it’s such a fun to combine opposite qualities of the movement - structural and fluid, grounded and light, deep and playful.


We will start with basic tango principles of walking, listening and reacting in tango logic pass trough play-fight energy exchange and finish with contact improvisation movement in the space together.

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