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Bar Altshuler  - IL

I am a teacher of Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais method practitioner and Human Design guide. Today I live in Israel, after 5 years of living, teaching and dancing in Belgium.


My main passion and interest are in the study of body movement, its many connections to our personal lives, both socially and personally.


I come from a wide background in dance, I started at a young age with training in many professional dance styles such as Ballet, Graham, Release technique, floor work, Improvisation, repertoire and performance. Over the years  the interest and love simply deepen into the world of motion in all its different aspects.


I love moving, discovering, expressing, feeling and letting the body guide me.

I love to share this and allow others to find the same quality within them. It is what also brought me to start teaching and I am happy for every moment I have the opportunity to do so.


This intensive will explore Contact Improvisation physicality and interaction inspired by Human Design knowledge. 


Human Design,  is an individual experiment and knowledge that offer how to make decisions from our form - the body.  

Instead of the thoughts process and mind.  So each one can expose its unique timing and movement in life.  Encountering as least resistance as possible in the inner and outer world. 


This path inspires and changes me,  and I am happy to explore it through my CI teachings,  sharing and dancing the combination with others.  


We will practice some key aspects with our body and partners to the dance: 


Mind - Body

Recognizing thinking patterns and how they affect the dance.  

What affects our flowing motion?  

What stops our movement alone and in the shared dance?  

Inner Authority and timing 

Allowing the timing of the body to lead us and respect its rhythm. 

What are qualities of waiting and moving? 

How waiting is expressed and experienced?  

When movement raise naturally with no effort?  

Emotional waves

Exploring the nature of waves and emotions, a motion that goes up and down.  What do I discover in each part of the wave?  Up, middle down? What recognize wave and surf it?

Respond, invitation, initiation. 

Recognizing the individual call for movement.  

Where and when I feel a call to start a dance?  And how it continues during the interaction?  


Our wish in this Intensive is to get to know you personally, also through seeing your Human Design chart.

So you can have the tools to experiment within your daily life movement as well. 

Of course, only if you wish that too. 

Human Motion - Contact Impro inspired by
Human Design

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