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Corona Virus Update


Dear dancer,

Corona virus is having a big impact on our planet. We, as a part of the dancing community of the Netherlands, have taken the steps to help avoid spreading the virus - we stopped our classes and jams in The Netherlands. As the organisers of The Netherlands CI festival we are taking care that we are up to date and hope that our festival can be happening in July.

Our position as organisers is, of course, difficult. Are we going to have to cancel? Will the situation be safe again in July? How will we pay the costs if we cancel? What can and can't we do now? We cannot be sure about anything, because we don't know anything and the situation is changing all the time as the virus develops. So we are discussing every week our situation. One thing is clear - we are keeping up the faith for the festival to happen, and we will do so if the situation is declared safe enough so people can dance any which way they feel. Hopefully it will be a time of celebration, dancing away these stressful times.

So, right now, we plan our festival with hope that this is the case - we rent the spaces, talk to teachers and venues and our helpers team is full on board.

If the cancellation will happen due to the Corona virus, we will take the responsibility and will send you back the payment you did.  Hopefully you are willing to share the weight of the cost that have been made with a donation of an amount that you think is suitable. This will allow us  to continue to plan these events without going into heavy debts. We would very much appreciate it.
Whatever donation you will make will be deducted from your future registration in the festival that will come.

We feel that we are connected through these difficult times. We will keep on dancing ourselves, in ways that are safe at this moment. Hopefully, this period will pass soon enough and we can start sharing our dance again in the way Contact Improvisation is allowing us to do. In the mean time, keep your dancing hearts and bodies alive, and keep yourself safe and happy.

All the best,

Janine, Tom & Robin

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