Diederik Burke


Being introduced to the joy of Contact Improvisation some 30 years ago, I  immediately recognized it's potential for me to enjoy and fuse all the different aspects of movement, expression, and interconnection into this  multidisciplinary dance. And, I still do!

Since that time lots of dance has been happening. My work, dance and exchange with various international and local teachers, through time (some 15 year now) led me to find my way to teaching myself, to transmit my experience and connection to many inspirited participants in classes, workshops and Jams.

The multidisciplinary character of Contact impro dance allowed me to fuse the qualities of different skills and awareness gathered through my involvement in various bodywork disciplines such as massage, martial arts, aquatics and more..

This fusion of skills and growing awareness of my dance and teaching has led me to the particular kind of approach that is, I believe characteristic for the way I teach, dance and even my way in life. in seven words that is: firmly grounded sensitive expansion dance in connection.

Resistance and transition


Resistance is the quality which enables us to ''read" or "sense" the articulations and nuances of meeting or merging with what we encounter. Resistance enables us to enjoy the gradual acquaintance of a transition.

Transitions are shifts in our position or relations. Most transitions take place naturally and unnoticed as they are part of what we are familiar with. But some transitions are less familiar and others are down right challenging.

The less we are familiar with a certain transition the more resistance we might encounter. And that is only natural. Resistance might be experienced as a fear of engaging or a hidden pattern of avoidance. But resistance is so much more. When consciously applied, resistance is a mean to 'slow down' our approach into a transition. It is a mater of recognizing the challenge lay before us before we engage into it. Allowing our resistance to slow down our entrance into a challenge rather than to avoid it.

In this class our focus will be one of embracing resistance as an attribute of gradual integration of unexplored pathways, relations and dynamics. Integrating them into our scope of abilities and the joy of our dance and inter-connectedness.