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Diederik teaches CI and is co-creator of AmsterdamJam since many years. His inspiration for physical expression and action stern from an early age. The list of practised disciplines is long, such as, Judo, Pentak Silat, Yoga, Chi Gong, (aquatic) bobywork, to name but a few..

The joy and love for Contact Improvisation exceeds those disciplines and integrate them into a joined connection of diversity and possibility. 

The central attention in Diederk's teaching of CI is what we call Body-Awarenes. Dance is the free-flow of that interconnectiveness. 

Whether dance in connection is considered in technical terms or in terms of interpersonal exchange, 'allowance' is the entrance to connection.



Allowing where we are and where we are going.

Awakening the global sense of our body, using touch and the invitation to fully enjoy the benefit of support.

The awareness of support and the allowance to fully enjoy it, settles the grounds of Trust. In trust we can rest and charge our being. Realizing our connection.

Whether it is a partner inviting us, or the shift of weight caused by gravity, the allowance to be moved, opens up the path of effortless movement. Guiding us into the joy of dance in connection.

Our approach during this workshop will lay the foundation through bodywork, touch and guidance. Gradually introducing more dynamics. Guiding effort with support and attention.

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