Enrique van Doezelaar.


Enrique is teaching Contact Improvisation and Tango Argentina in his Studio (StudioTangible) in Nijmegen The Netherlands since 2011.

He dances his whole life and discovered Contact Improvisation over 15 years and tango for more than 10 years.


He studied with many international teachers but learned most by dancing and exploring. His focus in the classes is laying in understanding and following the bodies possibilities. His classes are partly technical but always with a lot of space for exploring and discovering. Enrique was been teaching at international festivals like: the contactango festival Wuppertal, at Tango Diferente Germany, several contactjams like Jamaikö and Bremerjam

Letting go is just a breath away


Movement can start from changing the weight from one leg to the other or from releasing the muscles somewhere in the body.

To start we will work with releasing our bodies. Playing with changing weight and releasing parts of your body can open a wide variety of surprising movements. Particular when we do that in couples. In this class we will explore our own solos but we will dance most of the time in connection.

Come with an open mind and a body that is willing to release.