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Enrique van Doezelaar is an experienced dancer and teacher in contact improvisation and tango. A lot of dancing and especially watching the dance has taught him how to dance easier, free and more creative. Often it is about small details that make a big difference. Enrique has been teaching contact improvisation for almost 10 years in his own studio in Nijmegen. He has also taught at the Amsterdam jam, in Zutphen, Eindhoven and at festivals and jams in Germany and the Netherlands.


Martina is trained as a dance therapist and has done, next to contact and tango, classical ballet, jazz balet and modern dance. She has also completed the training for dance expression teacher. Together with Enrique she teaches in Nijmegen and at festivals in Germany.

Martina and Enrique take the movement possibilities of the body as the starting point for their workshop. In addition to technique, their focus is on learning to understand and feel the movement. They use a pleasant mix of technique, research and exploration.     More info:



In contact improvisation I can see roughly 3 different approaches:
1. a focus on playing with short moments of physical contact
2. dances in which there is continuously physical contact.
3. Or even some where physicality is most of the time avoided

Of course, all kinds of intermediate forms are possible and I is just a rough layout.

In this workshop, Enrique and Martina want to assign to duets in which you can play with distance and proximity without losing the flow in the dance. We will explore, learn and have fun with it.


Basic contact improvisation fundamentals are a great plus for this class. This way of dancing requires concentration, relaxation, willingness to play, release, technique and above all the use of all your senses. It gives you freedom, playfulness and more trust in your own dancing-abillities.

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