Address dance hall 

Sportcomplex Tetterode, Tetterodeweg 15, 2051 EG Overveen

Address sleeping place 

IJshal Haarlem, IJsbaanlaan 2, 2024 AV Haarlem

By train

The dance hall is a few kilometers away from the centre of Haarlem and in a walkable distance (400 meters) from the train station Overveen which you could reach by taking a train direction Zandvoort.  Bus 81 (NS station Haarlem-NS Station Zandvoort) has a stop at 200 meters from the hall at the Brouwerskolkweg.


By car

Very easy to reach by car. There is a parking possibility on the terrain itself but preferably you park in the surrounding area, all free of charge. Bringing a car would be very practical for travelling between the sleeping and dancing location. If you are willing to take on some fellow dancers, that would be great.

Bringing a bike?

You can bring your bike to travel from sleeping ground to the dance hall, to wander around and explore the surrounding dunes.