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Janneke Bexkens is always exploring the field of authenticity and embodyment in dancing. She is curious when the spontaneous movement occurs in the body and the stories that lie behind this. When she discovered contact improvisation, she loved the deep listening and sensitivity in relationship to other bodies. But also the space for creativity and playfulness suits her personality very well. She has been working along with Robin Berkelmans, to intergrate authentic movement, meditation and ci in workshops and retreats last two years. 

After her study Dance Movement Therapy at Codarts, Rotterdam, She founded her own Studio19. As a dance movement therapist she facilitates a space for personal growth within workshops, sessions and performance, deepening the authentic, creative and resilient qualities of human being. 


In this workshop we will connect and play with the qualities of the nature of the dunes. The sand, the trees, the water, the wind, the sun..
How can we be inspired by the senses and the movement qualities of nature? 
How can we explore our own authentic and natural movement?
What happens when we connect from these movement qualities to each other?
Come out and let's play together!

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