Contact Improvisation in its inherent nature has the potential to highlight how collaboration of parts is greater than their individual effects. Throughout the past years of dancing, I’ve been curious of training the body to become more aware, articulate and subtle. Simultaneously finding tools how to dig into the fierce and wild valleys of our dances too. 


We approach dancing CI by fine-tuning our senses through the dynamics of touch, moving within the spherical space, emphasizing listening of our bodies and each other. We let the technical work of falling, spirals, communication via touch, and shared weight align and support us ease together with others. Sensitizing and scaling the variables of weight, navigating within the multiple directions of space is to gain embodied understanding of our weight in motion, and discover more freedom in moving. Expanding and familiarizing the space between our knowing and unknown is to stir imagination for different responses and invite wider potential for our dancing.


Is a Finnish dance maker and teacher. She graduated as dancer in Finland 2004, and holds a MA degree in "Contemporary Dance Education"(MA CoDE, HfMDK,Frankfurt 2010). Since 2008, she’s been teaching Contemporary Dance, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation internationally in institutions, festivals and other venues for dance. In her artistic work, she is curious about the states of presence and body’s ability to transform, embody, and transmit images into knowledge, emotions, language and atmosphere’s. Also, merging photography, video, sound and text together with materials or objects continues fascinating her in terms of finding more ways to express ideas and execute movement, creating the larger body of her artistic work. 


Photos - Maria Rutanen