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We are normally supported by the Earth... which may not sound so exciting.
But what if the access to this support is changing dynamically, out of our individual control?
For example when, during a lift, the 'underdancer' rather than 'the flyer' falls; when the support actually
fails? Of course: then the 'overdancer' or 'flyer' will probably fall as well, which means we'll be falling
together. Wouldn't that be ...GREAT FUN?!
I'd love to fall with you! Let's playfully research failing support in a build-up of falling down.
In a sense even birds in full flight are supported by the Earth. Rather than flying however, we will make
falling and wonderfully failing our dance. We may find how security, or even stability, might be
improved by mobility and instability?


As a dancer I feel inspired by various fields of knowledge; having first studied architecture and some philosophy, and having worked in architecture and fine arts. I love how particularly dance is teaching me about the body, myself and other people, space, time, constituent forces & energies… the world.
Travelling a lot for dancing I’ve been training with many teachers, including some of the founders of Contact Improvisation.

Since 2009 I also give dance, and (co-)organize and teach at CI-events in the Netherlands and abroad. Taking and giving workshops I see as a learning together.

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