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6 day Contact Improvisation festival in the Netherlands, full of workshops and jams with various teachers from the Dutch community and international guest teachers.

More then 12 teachers and facilitators from the Dutch Contact Improvisation scene will be a part of this festival.

We will come together in an amazing gym in Overveen, NL to share our love for this art form and to explore it even further.

Contact Improvisation Festival Netherlands
Contact Improvisation Festival Netherlands

The Netherlands Contact Improvisation festival takes place next to the beautiful Dutch dunes in Overveen. We will be venturing out to the dunes as well to dance in nature. Every evening we will end the day with a different Jam together.

This festival is suitable for all levels, and our intention is to bring advanced and beginning dancers from the Netherlands and beyond to share ideas and dance.

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Van 16 t/m 21 juli 2019 vindt het eerste Contact Improvisatie Festival van Nederland plaats in Overveen (Noord-Holland). We nodigen je uit voor een zesdaags programma vol verdiepende lessen, workshops, één-op-één sessies en jams onder begeleiding van dansdocenten uit binnen- en buitenland. Voor de uitgebreide beschrijving in het Nederlands klik hier.

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