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Kristien sonnevijle

Kristien Sonnevijlle is an instant composer in movement and sound. She loves opening up all senses to co-create what can only be created here and now.

Her background is in physical theater, but she’s trained in many things, studied butoh dance in the Indian Himalaya’s for instance. Recently graduated as a biodynamic cranio sacral therapist, which is a deep listening to the cells of the body dancing.
She sings in The Genetic Choir and works together with other dancers, musicians and visual artists, ao her partner puppet & mask maker Matt Jackson. Together they making a performance which travels several continents. They made a house too on a former waste station. And a fun baby, Ayla. 

Inspired by our origins 

In this workshop we evolve from big bang to human being. Different stages of our physical development provide us with different tools which we’ll explore as (contact) dancers.

As we get limbs, can we maintain our core strength? Walking upright is fantastic but how about flipping upside down for a change of perspective?

The trees, the sand, the birds will help us remember where we came from. They guide us, human doings, into human beings again. So we can simply enjoy the space - time - everything and everyone that passes through. 

me. It's easy.

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