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Is passionate about CI, her focus is being soft, attentive and light when dancing. She uses the knowledge from somatics in her teaching to reach these qualities. It is so exciting to create this reality together, relating to the partner, to the whole group around you, taking in the space and bringing yourself in this dynamic environment. Perhaps discovering something new about yourself as well. Lana studied with and was deeply influenced by the work of Joerg Hassman, Arye Bursztyn, Daniel Lepkoff, Otto Akkanen, Yochai Ghinton, Artem Markov and others

Being cell-fish

Going deep inside ourselves, softening, listening and reaching out into the space, meeting the other. Staying soft and whole even when being fast and spontaneous. How can I allow myself to take time even when I am quick? What if the whole room was an organism and whatever I did mattered and had an impact? 
We will explore the softness of the cellular touch, reaching out and blending in, merging of the cell into another one and becoming groups of cells. And playing, playing, playing!

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