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Lydia Müller

Lydia Müller has been working since 15 years professionally as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer in Holland/Amsterdam and abroad. She received her diploma o dance in education at Codarts, Dance Academy Rotterdam and has been working since then in several professional dance companies, Community Art projects and interactive streettheater performances. She has been performing together with Ezequiel Sanucci with their own Contemporary Dance company “Tango Now”.
Lydia is choreographing her own children dance theater performances.
Besides her carrier as a dancer, Lydia has been regularly teaching contact improvisation, contemporary dance, Argentine tango, contact tango, Neo tango, African dance and yoga to different age groups in the Netherlands, Germany, Europe, Latin America and Singapore. She is founder of the CI Contact Zone Rotterdam, member of the CI-teachers of the Netherlands and organizes her own dance retreats. 
Lydia’s quality in teaching is to guide the whole group into a journey of creativity, playfulness and joy.

Contact Tango

Contact Tango is an exploration of the encounter between two creative dance forms: contact improvisation and Argentine tango. By using principles of tango we enrich our contact improvisation dance.

Contact Tango gives tools to connect with your dance partner in a different way, invites to play and gets new inspiration for our creativity. Let yourself being moved by the rhythms, melodies and energies of tango. 

No previous experience and fixed partner necessary.

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