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What Maaike loves about dance is that it brings us to the beauty of the moment – and

every moment is different. Out of this interest her fascination for improvisation and contact- improvisation was born. She followed workshops with Julyen Hammilton and studied intensively with David Zambrano. She has been teaching dance-workshops in nature at Buitenkunst since 2010.

She finds a constant eagerness to learn more about the body’s expression and how dance can contribute something to people’s mental and physical health. She set up her own foundation with two other artists, called Kudde ( They develop dance and theater-projects, both in the dance-field and in the community. The last years she has been doing exchange-projects in Uganda, Ghana and Brazil.

After her graduation from the dance academy in Tilburg (NL) in 2004 she has been working as a performer with Loic Perela (Dansateliers Rotterdam), Anne-beth Schuurmans, Marie Goeminne (dansmakers Amsterdam), T.R.A.S.H., Karen Boesser. She also created her own work like the location-project ‘Huisstofmeid’ for the Oerolfestival.


In this workshop we meet the body of a tree  as our dance-partner. We climb, lean, hug and hang in its branches . We open up our skin to the different organic forms that the tree offers. We use different principles out of contact improvisation in relation to this firm body. We play with rolling point of contact, sharing weight, counter balance and surrendering while Feeling safe. The tree is our best example when it comes to being rooted deep into the earth while being light and flexible in the upper body. After getting to know this beautiful new body in many ways, we end up playing with different moving compositions of multiple human bodies