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The amazing location of the festival makes it possible to have CI with nature. In this workshop I will take you to a big sand dune and we will explore relating to the sand, the force of gravity and each other as we roll down the slope.

For this to work we will need to feel free in the sand, not bothered by it getting in our eyes, ears and mouth. You are invited to bring a thing scarf through which you can breath. I will also bring a few for those that have none.


Eclectic, would best discribe Ralf.
Physicality has always been a big part of his life; the most important infuences in for him are is eleven years in Judo, both as a child and adult, 13 years of Capoeira. Next to this he learned CI and a base of contemporary dance. Currently teaches a weekly lesson on the ship Odessa in Amsterdam.

Besides dance Ralf has a career as an internationally showing sculptor and a new career as a hypnotherapist. The red line in all this is his ever deepening fascination for the subjective experience of "reality" and finding the dynamic balance in life.

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