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Dynamic structure

In this class we will experiment with the idea of being a "base" to offer dynamic structures that are transitions in motion, constantly mutating and changing according to the moment and the movement.

We will explore the events that take place in a contact improvisation duet, exploring continuity as a constellation of movements. in this aspect, we will explore the links that lead us to the continuity of events as a whole.
And... as always we will work as well in How do we surrender to the moment without plans, projects, or predeterminate structures? Every new moment is a possibility, a new universe. we will explore the transformation of the "error" into a new possibility. “Error” is a failed plan, and, if there is no plan, every movement is a new situation and a new chance to interact with others playfully, and experience the body as a playground full of new places and pathways.


Dancing contact improvisation I recognize myself as nature and space.  At the moment that a movement or a gesture is happening together with another person, I feel that my body is part of something bigger.  When I dance, many bodies, moments, and places that will be or are no longer there, are in movement. Dancing contact improvisation is a moment of surrender to the events of the universe.  Universe: become one;  A place, a moment, surrounded by the whole.

MA Choreography and community 

MA Interactive Media and Environments 

BA Contemporary Dance

BA Art pedagogy

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