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RUBEN studied in The Netherlands at the Fontys High School for performing Arts. From 2012 to 2018 he collaborated with the company Scapino Ballet, dancing choreographies by Itamar Serussi, Ed Wubbe, Felix Landerer, Marcos Morau and others. He also collaborated with the company Felix Landerer & Co, with Jasper v.Luijk, the production house Zuhause Groningen and choreographer Amos Ben-Tal. Since 2019 he is investing a lot of time and passion in the art of contact improvisation.


His Classes will be experimenting with different pressures and noticing how it affects the dance. Finding out ways to lift and be lifted, and experimenting with the variations on the fundamentals. We will do various exercises inviting you into pathways so you can, afterwards, break the rules and find your way.

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