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"I like the playfulness of CI, and I keep searching for ways to stay inspired in dancing and teaching. A healthy way to keep the playing child inside of me alive."

For more than 20 years Sebas has been dancing and teaching Contact­Impro and Creative Dance. He is also a physiotherapist and uses this knowledge of the moving and learning body in his teaching.

He wants to inspire you to find musicality, poetry and expression in your dance. He uses images from nature, art and also anatomy helping you to develop your personal dance.



Navigating the 3-dimensional space
Fundamentals of Contact-Improvisation -
Both for 
beginners & more advanced dancers.

In this intensive we will practice some navigation principles to learn to move our bodies (especially our centers) through the complex 3­dimensional space around a moving partner. This will give us more movement options in any situation and will help us to dance ourselves through lifts and other complex tricks.


Detailed sensing is the basis under all this work. Therefore, each morning we will start with some somatics – feeling the subtle but specific sensations living inside us. Sensing your own movements and feeling through your partner helps to guide yourself through the 3D­ landscape.

Sensing also feeds the Communication via Touch: that what makes Contact-Impro such a rich experience, a dance beyond performing a series of tricks.


The workshop will lay a good and practical basis for beginners. For more advanced Contact dancers it is a chance to fine­tune their techniques and to integrate them in the Dance; to dance really together, as one self­guiding organism – the magic of Contact-Improvisation.

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