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Mileen Borgonjon (BE)

Mileen is home in the field of improvised performance. Contact impro for her is a passion and a source of inspiration for movement research as well as a platform to reflect about this biggest improvisation which is called life.


She loves a dynamic, joyful entrance into the movement principles of this rich form, meeting our poetic beings along the way. On her own path as a mover, dancer and performer she got inspired by different masters of instant composition, by Thai yoga massage, Gaga, Ido Portal Method, Playfight, and more.

In her teaching Mileen is passionate about supporting a space, a container where people can grow in (body)awareness. She values a profound as well as playful approach to empower people to plug-in to their movement potential, multi-layered physical and artistic expression.

Mileen Borgonjon (BE)

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