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Sebas van Wetten

"I really like the playfulness of Contact-Impro, how we keep figuring out the rules of the dance together each time. It is a healthy way to keep the playing child in me alive. Teaching and dancing kept me inspired over the years."

Besides being a Creative Dance teacher ("dansexpressie"), Contact Improvisation has always been Sebas' main focus, teaching and dancing that for over 20 years now.

He is also a physiotherapist and uses this knowledge of the moving and learning body in his teaching.

He wants to inspire you to find poetry and expression in your dance. Using images from nature, art and anatomy, to imagine and sense yourself through unknown movements. Helping you to develop your own and personal dance. 

Sebas van Wetten

In this class we will explore how to be land-able when flying in a lift, so my lifting partner can always put me down safely. As a kind of politeness for the under-dancer, and as a readiness for anything to follow.

And we'll explore ways to continue the dance after an exit. To be ready as early as possible to offer support for my partner: to continue in a counter-balance dance, and/or as an invitation for a next lift-in-continuation.

Nice bonus: this readiness will also save me, in case my partner falls over me after my landing.

Or more advanced: as the lifting partner, can I land-fly myself on top of the landing partner, "landing myself in the future"?

We will play with all this stuff, like sometimes not following expectations, to keep our dances fresh. Hihi, surprise.
Fun to dance. I look forward to explore and dance with you.

I'm Ready - Exits & Beyond

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