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"I've been dancing CI since the early 90's in the US and Europe and teaching since 2006. My day job is teaching Alexander technique, which informs everything in my life, especially my dance teaching. I run Smartbody Studio - with my wife in the center of Amsterdam."

Patrick Johnson

Your "frame for movement" is the structure of your body. Yes, your bones, but also how your system offers support and mobility. You create this frame with your thoughts, images, and habits.
When two or more "frames for movement" come together to share touch, weight, and momentum in a spontaneous dynamic we call that CI :-)
In this class we will explore how you create a frame for movement and how to let it move spontaneously with and without a partner. Expect lots of classic and new CI games and exercises and lots of juicy dancing.

Creating your Frame for Movement

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson
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