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Thomas Körtvélyessy 

Dancer, choreographer, teacher, and explorer. Certified Master Teacher of Kinetic Awareness®, loving contactimprovisation since 1994. Studied and worked extensively with the originator of Kinetic Awareness®, Elaine Summers, and with Mary Fulkerson-O'Donnell, Eva Karczag, Natanja den Boeft, Eszter Gál, Pauline de Groot, and Donald Fleming. Lives and works mainly in Rotterdam, artistic advisor of Contact Zone Rotterdam. Website :

Kinetic Awareness® - How do you (want to) move? 

Kinetic Awareness® is an exploration: How does a movement feel? What can your body do? In the beginning we work very slowly and safely on the ground, one body part at a time. Hollow rubber balls of various sizes help you move easily in all directions. They also give “frozen” muscles a deep and satisfying massage. Wonder & delight are the result.

Kinetic Awareness® is a very solid base for deepening and expanding your contact skills and avoid injuries. See also the article by Frances Becker and Nina Martin in Contact Quarterly. Beginners and Advanced group classes / 1-on-1 by appointment. Please bring warm and comfortable clothing, and a large blanket for yourself. Website:

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