Tom Goldhand (NL/IL)


Tom is a dancer, and a performance artist in the field of Dance & Contact Improvisation. Teaching for over 13 years Contact Improvisation classes and workshops around the world.


After finishing his studies in Israel he moved to Amsterdam and co-founded with 5 other performance artists the group – Mono Collective that performed free and anchored Dance and Contact Improvisation pieces as well as choreographed pieces.

In the last years he has been giving workshops on the techniques of Improvisation in Dance and Contact.  He teaches weekly classes of Contact and Dance Improvisation and give workshops around the Netherlands and outside of it.

All of the above are just words that are saying basically: Contact Improvisation is my passion and I love to share it with everyone.

The point of no return - backing away from the center

In this workshop we will center our attention on the concept of weight and  our center. We will see where lies the point from which we cannot go back from our decision to move, or to fall.

Where our balance is beyond off-balance and we have commited to a pathway and movement.

This recognition can help the dancer save him/herself from danger, and to realize what you can do and until which point your movement is relaxed and aware and from which point you will be at the mercy of gravity and the floor.