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Otto Roth

I've been dancing since 2004, exploring all kinds of styles and movement practices including contemporary, movement improvisation, Gaga, acrobatics and more. Somewhere around 2007/2008 I dipped my toes in the practice of contact improvisation for the first time. I found it quite shocking the first time - I was only used to technical classes with precise steps to remember - so it took me three months before I dared to step into it again. After that second time I was sold, and went as often as I could.

As a teacher I like to hand practical tools to my students, techniques and pathways to use in contact improvisation, and combine this with focussing on relaxation, breathing and a bit of introspection to keep in contact with the self, as it is easy to lose yourself in the dance or the other.

Otto Roth

Otto will use his love for floorwork to take the dancing down to the floor. We will start with some exercises to get comfortably moving on the floor, expand to fluent though lazy floorwork combinations and using our breath to guide us through these effortless movements. Moving over the floor to take the space and moving up and down in effecient ways.

After this we are going to work with using our weight for hanging & pulling: what new options will this give us? Can we relax in the hanging and pulling without too much muscle work? We will then combine parts of the movements from floorwork we did before with hanging and pulling. Optional extras for people already familiar with lifting we can use the pull to spice up the lifts in different ways.

Floorwork & the art of hanging

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