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Robin Berkelmans

Robin Berkelmans is co-organizer of the festival and professional dancer, teacher & maker of dance. He has 23 years of experience in the field of dance, teaching and performing, and along that path he developed a way in to relate to artistry and movement as a human being in a profound way.

CI is one of his favorite approaches to dance - he sees it as a way to move and dance in a joyful way and to encounter deeper layers of his own humanity together with fellow dancers. It is an artistic, social and transformative practice for him. As a teacher, he has been teaching both nationally and internationally for many years now. Next to that, he teaches various subjects at the HBO educations of performing arts in Tilburg and Amsterdam. The subjects include Contact Improvisation, performing, natural posture & functional mobility, and being a maker of theatre, mime and dance.

Next to teaching dance, he has 10+ years of experience as a practitioner and teacher in Tai Chi & Chi Kung, massage & bodywork. His practice of movement and dance is influenced by these practices and  this you will experience in this 4 day Intensive. He will offer a very personal, well researched, fun and enriching time, in which you will be guided into Contact Improvisation with a focus on grace and inspiration.

Robin Berkelmans

​Grace is a quality of movement that has an effortless embodiment of the experience of dance, while maintaining structure, momentum and connection. It is an orientation towards movement and use of the body that invites inspiration: a connection with our deeper selves that lets our inner world resonate in the outside environment.​

This  CI Intensive is aimed at deepening your mobility skills and your skills of expression in improvisation.

Grace & Inspiration

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