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Raúl Saldarriaga (COL/NL)

 I'm an experienced CI teacher and dancer based in Amsterdam, with a passion for Contact Improvisation. My journey as a dancer has led me to explore our natural movements, constantly discovering new paths and possibilities. I value the importance of playfulness in uncovering our human nature, encouraging an enjoyable, organic approach rather than imitation. My dance technique is influenced by a blend of flying low contemporary dance rooted in my studies in choreography, where the spatial dimension plays a crucial role.


I explore movement in space as a performative event, emphasizing the human body as a dynamic and expressive space in itself. My teaching approach is designed to empower individuals by starting with foundational techniques that explore gravity, potential energy, and body structures. 

This foundation serves as a stable base for partnered techniques, spontaneous embodiment, instinctual flight, and fluid role transitions. We draw inspiration from the natural world to connect with instinctual movements, emphasizing grounded stability and soaring freedom. Trust and non-verbal communication are integral to the experience, fostering a sense of community and connection.  

Raúl Saldarriaga (COL/NL)

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