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Morning Intensives

find out more about them by clicking on the teachers


find out more about them by clicking on the teachers

Mileen Borgonjon (BE)

Common Ground: Supporting, Shifting & Following Weight

Maaike van de Westeringh

Find your Feet

Otto Roth

Floorwork & the art of hanging

Rubén Garcia Arabit

Let's lift again

Sebas van Wetten

I'm Ready - Exits & Beyond

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Antonio Alemanno (IT)

Antonio (IT) is a multi-instrumentalist (double bass, cello, oud, charango, frame drums, electronics) and composer.

His background in dance and his substantial collaborations with dancers, choreographers and physical theater performers have given him the opportunity to extensively investigate the musicality and flow of movement and acting. He is keen to provoke a dialogue between spatial presence and sound, creating an intricately shaped, multi-disciplinary world.

A lack of confinement to style, instrument and discipline opposed by skillfulness, a big sensitivity to atmosphere and an inventive spirit define Antonio and his work. He has composed music for dance and circus performances and commercials, and has performed in over 20 countries worldwide.

Midas Mazairac (NL)

Midas is a musician, composer and producer, but mostly known as an electric guitar player.

"When making music, the most important thing for me is to have a sense of tension and/or release in my work. By thinking (read: feeling) about those two factors in melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre I think any human feeling is achievable through sound. Whether I'm building walls of sound in my rock band, producing (gl)itchy beats on my computer or playing acoustic guitar in the living room: it's all the same idea.

With dancers as moving collaborators, this concept is taken to the next level! Where I might be inspired by your moves, you might be by my tunes, and if we would then sync up... The results will always be interesting :)"

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